I am delighted to announce that I am being supported by some great brands this coming year. Firstly I will be representing AbsolutBLACK as a brand ambassador during 2016. I will be running AbsoluteBLACK chain rings as well as some other components, I am really looking forward to experimenting with oval chain rings and the…Read more Support


The rains have eased, the waters may have subsided, but the trails are still saturated. The heavy sodden ground can be a blessing and a curse, the falling mercury freezing the ground hard and fast rolling. As the thaw creeps in and the ground softens, traction is easy to find, but too far into the…Read more February

Strava, its Complicated

Strava I love you but your bringing me down. At first you understood, you were new and you were exciting but the longer you've been there the more complicated it has become. You made rides exciting and were a reason to explore and to try and better myself on the bike. You made it easy…Read more Strava, its Complicated