Kaspir & Henry

Sold a car Sold a bike, 6 wheels less in the stable.

Last month was a good (or bad a month) for wheels in our house. Henry the faithful Honda HRV after a difficult few months went on to pastures new and time was also called on Kaspir the Santa Cruz Heckler 5.0.

“were showing signs of problems”

Both have shared adventures and spots on the driveways for almost the same amount of time, and both, to paraphrase my car mechanic “were showing signs of problems”.


Selling both cars and bikes as private sales can sometimes be a tricky and with bikes, long process. After all, it is a buyers market. So with your expectations realistically set, a sale shouldn’t take that long. I advertised both on Facebook and Gumtree, but it was Facebook that found both buyers. The Santa Cruz having an offer of the asking price accepted within 24 hours of being advertised.

Racing Mountain Bike Pits Muckmedden

As brilliant as they both are, the lure of the new was starting to grow. As was the niggle (with the bike at least) that I was starting to out grow the Heckler, having gotten as much as I could out of the 2001 frame design. I don’t expect to be instantly faster on modern geometry or 650b, but I expect to have a bike that is more confidence inspiring and with that, pace will come.


I will miss both of them they were brilliant and will continue to be brilliant, just for someone else.


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I am an artist living and working in Aberdeen, I ride bikes and like to write about it sometimes.

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