New Year, More Miles

New year, same me, but time to get some miles in the legs to get over the festive excess.

Christmas and new year, the winter is at its height and the draw of a warm well stocked kitchen is all too strong. Time to recharge, relax and celebrate the season with family and friends. With the end of the festivities it was time to assess the damage done and get some bases miles and climbs in the legs.

I also wanted to try a long ride with a packless setup, I had planed to do this on the Tour De Ben I pulled out of a few months back. Whilst nothing new and the norm for many distance and marathon type riders all my long wild rides were with a pack and the kitchen sink. I wanted to get as much of the weight off my back and onto the frame or in pocketsas possible whilst bringing everything I needed if it went wrong.

This meant two water bottles in cages,  tube, levers and CO2 cart with inflator taped under the saddle. Everything else (phone, multi tool, spare link, mech hanger, cable, camera and vitamin I) went in my Race Face Rip strip with a healthy number of gels and a banana in my softshell pockets for easy access. Simples, nothing crazy just a new set up for me.

it was time to assess the damage done and get some bases miles and climbs in the legs

I fancied some climbing and I had unfinished business with the Fungle Singletrack after my last aborted attempt. So a big loop to take that in and back to the house via the Deeside way, nothing too exciting, just some honest solid base miles.


The conditions where pretty good for a long mission, the ground was wet but rolling well, not to cold, with some scotch mist that never really lifted.

The Fungle was fun as always, but I forgot to drop my seat post for the first third, so was a bit Bambi on ice for the loose rocky section. Once into it, it was pretty fast all things considered, but that clean run alluded me. I will have to come back and properly cane it with the new build, but not until next month.

The return leg had nothing to report, just a leg spin on flattish and mostly graded trails. Some good miles and a gentle reminder of the work to be done to get back to full summer strength. Roll on 2017.



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