3D Printing in MTB

I recently presented at an MTB business and education event.

The evening event which was snappily titled “Engineering, Manufacturing and Commercial Opportunities in the Cycling Industry” was hosted at Robert Gordon University where I work. Featuring speakers from key partners that support mountain bike businesses in Scotland.

(Apologies for the audio, the video was a last minute idea)

With Danny Cowe from The Mountain Bike Centre for Scotland showcasing their work in supporting MTB businesses, From start ups, to established firms. Elevator, the entrepreneur support body were there to talk about their accelerator programs for getting new businesses established

I was one of the three speakers from RGU talking about how the university could help support the development of new cycling products.


Chris O’Neal, the head of Gray’s School of Art, kicked the evening off with an introduction to the opportunities the cycling industries present. I introduced additive manufacture (3D Printing) and how it can and has been used in both prototyping and end user manufacture, with case studies focussing on frame manufacture.

Ben Durack, the studio manager of MAKE Aberdeen, rounded off the RGU contingent with a presentation about the MAKE studio. He also outlined a democratised model for product development and iterative design that MAKE can help facilitate.

The evening ended with a Speed Pitching session where people introduced themselves  and their needs as a business or product developer. This allowed the room to get a sense of who everyone was before the obligatory networking and mingling.

It was something a little bit different for myself, whilst I teach workshops all day as part of my work, the opportunity to do that about MTB in front of a a crowd of engineers and product designers was a little intimidating. Variety being the spice of life and all that.

I met some great people and hopefully Gray’s and RGU will be able to build some partnerships with some innovative Scottish MTB companies off of the back of the event.


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I am an artist living and working in Aberdeen, I ride bikes and like to write about it sometimes.

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