Shed Time! – New project

The eagle eyed among you might have noticed a new page on stravaigingMTB, Shed Time.

Shed Time is a new series of videos and articles to compliment my existing blog feed. These new videos will focus on MTB tech and servicing. Working on and maintaining my bikes is a big part of the sport for me, as is the tech and setup of those bikes. Shed Time is a way for me to share the passion and enjoyment I get from the simple act of fixing bikes in my shed.

There will also be videos discussing bike tech theory such as steering geometry and suspension kinematics and terminology.

Ultimately this may mean that there are less of the style of blog posts that I have written in the past, but I hope the diversity helps to keep the site interesting. Regular readers (what few of you there are) will have noticed this already this month. That is because I have been working on the Shed Time videos to get a good tranche together to launch the new section of the site.

MTB fork service lower oil change stravaiging shed time

To help with this I am working through a teardown and rebuild project of one of my hardtails. This is project where I have been disassembling and servicing each component of an existing bike before rebuilding the whole, will hopefully cover enough of the basics to act as a good starting point for the video series.

I hope you enjoy the new content and follow the project, if you are a regular YouTube viewer you can follow my channel here.

TF Tuned Box Suspension service


Banshee Spitfire 200 Mile Review

200+ Miles in and the Spitfire has lived up to the promises made by modern geometry.

Thought I would share my thoughts on this bike and have a wee bike check of the build and how its holding up. To summerise, the frame is amazing and well balanced now the fork is behaving. Starting to build pace and confidence, but its still a newish bike to me and I don’t put in as many miles as I did when I got its predecessor.

That said I rarely get less than a top 3 time on any given trail I ride on it, not half bad.