Still Stravaiging but Elsewhere

Pretty interesting and exciting times for Stravaiging in 2018.

Well technically not only on Stravaiging, as I have started producing content for Whilst I will be making videos and articles for Singletracks as part of the editorial team, I will still be writing here. Just not necessarily on the same topics or with the same tone.

For example, my opinion pieces such as Why I didn’t choose a carbon frame will be posted here. Whilst Shed Time style videos (like this one about going single speed), will most likely be appearing on Singletracks.

Writing and producing content that is exclusively for for another site is a step up from a hobby blog, but it is one I am excited to make. I will also be sharing the posts I produce on Singletracks here as well, so I can keep an archive of all of my posts and content.

I want to thank everyone that has visited and supported StravaigingMTB these past few years. Without you visiting and reading my ramblings I wouldn’t of been able to progress my writing or make the steps towards being paid for doing it.


I hope you enjoy the posts that I have planed for both sites in 2018.




Special shout out goes to   for sharing posts and videos from Stravaiging the last few months. Cheers guys you’ve been awesome.

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I am an artist living and working in Aberdeen, I ride bikes and like to write about it sometimes.

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