Installing Brand X Ascend Dropper Post

Installing a internally routed cabled actuated post like the Brand X Ascend, is a fairly straight forward task. You will need some basic tools and at least 30 minutes.

Tools Required
Tools Required;
  • Allen Keys
  • Cable Cutters
  • Ruler
  • Grease
  • Torque Wrench

Start by threading a gear cable into the lever. There is a recess that the cable end sits in, ensure that it is facing out before threading the cable through it. With the gear cable in place, thread the cable outer over the inner cable.

With the cables in place, thread the assembled cables through the frame.

The next stage is to fit the barrel nut. Measure 18/19mm between the end of the outer and the far side of the barrel nut. This is to ensure that the cable is the correct length to actuate the post.

Cut the excess gear cable leaving no more than 1mm proud of the barrel nut.

Fit the barrel nut into its housing at the bottom of the post, Fit the post into the frame at the correct height.

Next it is time to cut the cable to the correct length and fit the lever.

Measure the cable up to where the lever is to be mounted, mark the outer cable.

Remove the post from the frame, remove the barrel nut and take the inner cable out of the outer. Cut the outer cable and refit the cable end ferrule.

Repeat the earlier stages to reassemble the post with the short cable length.

Install post into frame and tighten collor with torque wrench

With the cable know the correct legnth refit the post using the correct torque (5nm if not labeled). Remember to grease the lower portion of the post that will be inside the frame.

The bar clamp is a split clamp style, the bolt that fixes it in place threads through the lever assembly. Attach the lever to the bars, adjusting for reach and comfort using carbon assembly paste if fitting to carbon bars.

Ensure the lever does not fowl the brake levers and can move freely, do not exceed 3nm.

Tidy up your cables with some zip ties and finish your tea/beer/beverage of choice, job done.

Installing Brand X Ascend Dropper Stravaiging shed time how to

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4 thoughts on “Installing Brand X Ascend Dropper Post”

  1. Gidday, i recently installed this post and am just wondering what you did with the cable as it goes along the downtube? I just zip tied mine on but its looks like an ameatuer effort? Any hints?


    1. Hi there, hope your enjoying you new dropper post. I was lucky as my frame has external cable mounts for both downtube and top tubes. You can perhaps use some self adhesive c clips? Jagwire make some and a few quick searchs will find other similar self adhesive mounting points and eBay sellers providing them. Hope this helps tidy up your build.


  2. Great video folks, just wondering, did you have issue getting the barrel nut back on the cable after you taken it off to trim it?



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