OneUp EDC Tool Installation

Riding Packless is the business.

Even all day epics can be conquered with clever packing and enough electrical tape. However, thats messy, and OneUp have a much more elegant solution to part of this puzzle. The EDC Trail Tool is a tool concept that hide all the multi tool you’ll need either in the OneUp EDc mini pump, or more excitingly, in your forks steerer tube.

OneUp has excellant guides and information on their site so please read through those before continueing with any installation.

What you need
  • Set of Allen Keys
  • EDC TAP Kit
  • EDC Top Cap Kit
  • Hammer

  • Ensuring the front wheel is resting on the floor, remove the top cap and any spacers then remove the Stem/Bars/Cockpit.

  • Test the fork for compatibility with the Go/No Go Guage, if fit is O.K, invert the guage and use the star nut puller to remove the star nut from the steerer.

  • To cut the threads, first stuff paper towel down the steerer to catch any swarf created by the tap.
  • Lubricate the tap with a light oil and place within the tap guide.
  • Place on-top of the steerer tube, the guide will ensure correct alignment of the tap, then thread a 8mm allen key through the tap.
  • To cut the thread, turn the tap 1/2 turn forwards then 1/4 turn back, then repeat. This will ensure a clean and accurate cut.
  • Continue this until the 8mm allen bottoms out on the guide, this ensures the thread never cuts deeper than necessary.
  • Remove tap and guide, push a fresh piece of towel through the top and out of the bottom of the steerer into a bag or more paper towel. This will catch any metal chips of swarf protecting your fork.
  • Re-install any spacers and then your stem/barrs/cockpit. Do not tighten the stem bolts.
  • Fit spacers above the stem, then using a cassette lock rong tool, fit the EDC top cap and preload your headset.
  • Align your stem then tighten stem bolts to the correct torque.

  • Invert the bike then fit the steerer plug with a mallet.
  • Fit the tool
  • grab a tasty beverage.

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I am an artist living and working in Aberdeen, I ride bikes and like to write about it sometimes.

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