Replacing or Shortening Brake Hoses

Shortening or replacing your brake hoses is a fairly straightforward task.

There are specialist tools for both cutting the hose and fitting any barbs, but for the purpose of this tutorial, we will assume that you only have normal home workshop tools. As this task will be fairly infrequent for the home mechanic, we will work on the basis that you don’t own these specialist tools.

The tools required are;

  • Allen Keys
  • 8mm Spanner
  • Stanley blade
  • Hose Clamp
  • Vice or Mole Grips
  • Hammer
  • Bleed Kit For Your Brake
  • Brake cleaner or isopropanol

In this example we are working with Shimano XTR brakes, however the process is fairly univarsal, and this will apply to almost all other brands of brake in much the same fashion.

When replacing a hose, we need to ensure we have a hose that is compatible with our brakeset. This is fairly straightforward, but when using third party hoses like those from Jagwire or Goodridge, this is quite important. We also need to have a fresh olive abd barbed insert that is correct for your brakes.

With all that, just take your time and be methodical, measure twice, and cut once.

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I am an artist living and working in Aberdeen, I ride bikes and like to write about it sometimes.

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