Specialized Dropper Post Service

Black lite post cut awayThe Specialized Command Post is a cable actuated dropper post, it has three height settings, climb, cruise and descend. On the trail I tend to only use the two extremes and dont feel like I’m missing out not having infinite adjustability. One of the things that also sets this post apart is its ease of servicing and its reliability.

Tools & Supplies

To dissassemble and service this post you will need;

  • Allen keys
  • Strap wrench
  • Suspension greese (other high quality greese can be used)
  • Shock pump
  • Lint free rag or cloth
  • Degreaser or isopropynl Alchohol
  • Tea and/or beer


Step one is to remove the actuater cable from the post and then release the post from the frame.

Remove the dust cap from the airvalve on the bottom of the post and then realease all the air form the post. This step is mission critical to service the post safely.

Refit the post in the frame, the frame will act as a vice for the next step.

Remove the the collor lock ring using your strap wrench. Start the collor off with the wrench, then finish by hand.

Depress the actuator lever at the top of the post. With the lever depressed, pull up on the post, this will separate the top stanchion section from the post lower.

Specialized Command Psot Service 20

Carefully remove the two brass keys from the post stanchion.

Using either degreaser or isopropynl alchohol and the lint free rag, clean the post internals and the inside of the post lower. Use a wooden dowel to push the rag into the post lower.

Specialized Command Psot Service 22

With the post internals clean, inspect the workings for signs of wear and damage.

Specialized Command Psot Service 11

Assuming no major damage has been found, regrease the internals with the suspension greese. Thicker greese can be used, this will help slow the posts return speed.

Reinsert the brass keys.

Specialized Command Psot Service 13

Reinsert the post upper into the lowers. Do this by depressing the actuator lever and then sliding the upper in the lowers, ensure the post goes back together in the correct orientation.

Tighten the collor lock ring, start by hand and tighten using the strap wrench.

Specialized Command Psot Service 6

Remove the post from the frame, inflate using the shock pump to between 30-40 PSI.

Reinsert the post, tighten the seatpost clamp to the correct torque.

Specialized Command Psot Service 9

Reinstall the cable and barrel into the actuato lever. test the seat post return speed, lower or raise the PSI for preference, ensuring not exceed 30-40 PSI.

Finish your tea and/or beer, your done.

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I am an artist living and working in Aberdeen, I ride bikes and like to write about it sometimes.

One thought on “Specialized Dropper Post Service”

  1. Fantastic wee guide. Need to try this. My Command Post has decided to start dropping of its own accord & won’t click into the middle position, blooming pain in the backside.


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