Wet Seal Review

Should you lubricate your suspension seals? What should you use to do it?

This visit to the shed we review Wet Seal, a suspension seal specific lubricant.I was sent the botle of wet seal for review by Dialed Mag, a MTB and snowsports online magazine. I used the oil for over a month on one stanchion and my normal wet chain lube on another for as a control.

After this test period I will continue using it as I pretty happy with how it coped with some winter abuse. I could write up a detailed review, but that is what the video is for, here are the main points to take away from this presentation.

The Highlights

Is it good? yes

Is it 100% necessary? Probably not.

Does it improve performance? Yes/no.

Does it protect your fork seals over time? Yes.

If you are bike OCD, will you buy it? Yes.

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I am an artist living and working in Aberdeen, I ride bikes and like to write about it sometimes.

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